Applying our values

Research & Development

IIEP believes in the importance of evidence informed policy-making and planning decisions. Its findings are grounded in a robust comparative analysis of a range of contexts and countries to help decision-makers identify both constraints and good practices to foster efficient, inclusive, and equitable education systems.

By producing new knowledge and developing innovative tools and approaches, IIEP encourages and supports education reforms that anticipate the future and respond to the values of the Education 2030 Agenda. Over the past two years, research topics have included teacher management, quality assurance and flexible learning in higher education, open school data and open government, improved learning for marginalized students, and intercultural education. In addition to resident researchers in IIEP’s three offices, the Institute closely collaborates with national policy bodies, research centres, and local researchers, thereby contributing to capacity development and South-South collaboration.

IIEP’s research strives to:

Produce high-level applied research

Inform evidence-based policy-making

Develop methodologies and tools

Address knowledge gaps with long-term and on-demand projects

Support interactive solutions and communities of practice